Son back in court for mom's murder

• Charged with kicking his mother to death

02 September 2020 | Justice



A 23-year-old man, accused of kicking his mother to death at Gcigco village in the Kavango West Region in June this year, made his second court appearance before the Rundu Magistrate's Court this week.

Kandjimi Katjotjo Haingura appeared before Magistrate Hellen Olaiya, who postponed the matter to 16 November so that he can obtain legal representation. Godfrey Shivolo is the State prosecutor.

Haingura was arrested on 12 June, on the day that he allegedly murdered his mother, Behetta Nipembe (57), after a quarrel.

It is alleged that Haingura, who was apparently under the influence of alcohol and marijuana, kicked and stomped on his mother while wearing heavy construction boots.

Fought over a donkey

The victim's husband, Hilarius Hausiku (63), told Namibian Sun at the time that the assault emanated from a quarrel over a donkey. He said his wife had told her son to unbridle the donkey he had been riding so that it could graze.

Haingura refused, so his mother unbridled the donkey herself, upon which he grabbed the bridle and started beating her with it.

Hausiku said he stood by helplessly as his stepson assaulted his wife, but then ran away because he feared for his own life.

After the assault, Haingura allegedly placed his mother's limp body in the room where Hausiku was sleeping.

Hausiku said when he woke up, he found that his wife had died.