Soccer’s rising star

Self-confidence drives Narib

26 November 2019 | People

Octavia Tsibes

Jované Narib is a very popular young man, who is well-known for his football exploits.

Growing up in the Maize Triangle town of Grootfontein, Narib never imagined he was going to do so well in soccer.

At school he participated in other sports such as field hockey, and served as captain.

The 18-year-old determined footballer was raised by a single mother.

“When I was in high school, I always wanted to study to become a fitter and turner, and I want to pursue my studies at the Namibian Institute of Mining and Technology (NIMT).”

Football academy

This year in March, while Narib was on a training camp in Windhoek, he was scouted by trainers from United Kingdom (UK) Pro Academy.

Otjomuise Football Academy, in partnership with Leeds United from England, hosted the try-outs.

“I always believed there is plenty of room for growth in Namibian sport,” Narib says. He says when he was selected by UK Pro Academy it was a dream come true.

Narib’s training in the UK commences on the 2 December and ends on 24 January 2020.

“There are many advantages to pursuing football abroad. Overseas countries are more professional, compared to Namibia, and invest in sport.

“Athletes who are given these opportunities will view sport from a different angle and start knowing that one can get much from sport,” he adds.

Narib says that one thing he realised when doing sport is that “one should always take whatever you do very seriously, because you don’t know who is watching, and what good opportunity can come from it”.

Narib’s mother Wenchell Naris says that communities and private companies, together with government, can make a great impact on sport in the various communities.

“The benefits of developing sport facilities enable youth to discover their talent and make something of themselves,” she says. Naris added that one of her observations in the community of Otjiwarongo is that sport keeps young people off the streets and their minds and bodies healthy.


Narib said in Grade 8, when he was 14 years old, he was chosen for the under-17 national team.

Recently he was also selected for the u-20 national team. He has represented Namibia on many occasions.

At school level, Narib was also part of the soccer, hockey and athletics teams.

“It is very important that the self-confidence of the youth in Namibia is reinforced. Self-confidence is one of the factors that keeps one going. It helps the youth not to give up easily.”