Six dams still more than 80% full

22 September 2021 | Weather



While we are steadily approaching the new rainy season, six of Namibia’s storage dams are still at more than 80% of their capacity.

According to the weekly bulletin issued by NamWater on Monday, Namibia’s 18 dams – 17 of which are surface dams - have a total storage capacity of 1556.294 million cubic metres of water.

According to the latest information, the average dam volume was 1 241 million cubic metres yesterday, at 79.8% capacity.

Last season, the average level was only 26.4%.

In the central area of Namibia, the average dam levels stood at 74%, compared to last season’s 67.2%.

The Swakoppoort Dam is now at 85.6%, the Von Bach 57.2% and the Omatako Dam 71.7%

Meanwhile, the Friendenhau Dam is 85.2% full and the Goreangab Dam is at 100.2%.

Largest dams still full

In the south, the average level of the dams stands at 85.9%, compared to last season when it was only 22.4% full.

The three largest dams in the country – Neckartal, Hardap and Naute – stand at 96.3%, 58% and 89.5% respectively.

The level of the Oanob Dam stands at 86.1% and the Dreihuk Dam at 26.9%, while the Bondels Dam is empty.

In the east of the country, the total average of the dam levels is 33.4%, which is only slightly higher than last season’s 30.1%.

The Otjivero Main Dam is 48.4% full, Otjivero Slit Dam 7.9%, Tilda Viljoen Dam 65.5% and the Daan Viljoen Dam 62.2%.

In other parts of the country, both the Omaruru Delta Dam - located in the Erongo Region - and the Omatjenne Dam in Otjozondjupa are empty, the same as last season.

The Olushandja Dam in Oshana is 18.1% full, compared to last season’s 15.9%.

Above-normal rainfall

According to the 25th Annual Southern Africa Regional Climate Outlook Forum, this will persist for most of Namibia until February.

It is expected that the bulk of the country will experience increased chances of normal to above-normal rainfall for October to December this year.

The Namibia Meteorological Services will present the national climate outlook for the country tomorrow.