Shell and Total join Engen

Service stations rally behind local music sales

25 January 2019 | Art and Entertainment

Shell and Total service stations have joined the 57 Engen service stations across the country that are currently selling local music. The deal was sealed by businessman and music enthusiast of Antonio's art, Dragan Djokic, who said that it is aimed at making local music available in all corners of the country to benefit fans and artists.

Djokic, who sealed the Engen deal early last year, says this will help to combat music's industrial issues such as piracy.

To make this possible, he drove 20 000 kilometres but adds it's all worth it if it benefits the industry in the end.

“Regularly covering all Namibian corners will reduce piracy drastically. Most of the towns I visited have never bought albums of their favourite artists, or they have to drive to Windhoek to get them. Selling albums is not the job of the artist but rather that of the distributor and this is the professional approach that we should be using,” said Antonio.

Currently, each service station takes in the top 15 albums due to limited selling space. Djokic says there is currently no Oviritje and Damara Punch music selling which is unfortunate.

“This is a problem I want to stop along with Nascam next month. They need to see the importance of this project and helping artists reach their market. Being in the top 15 is not guaranteed and due to album releases and sales, it is quiet flexible,” he said.

The next problem he wants to tackle is the pricing of albums in Namibia as they are too expensive.

June Shimuoshili