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KBG in Namibia for a show and music workshop

31 May 2019 | Art and Entertainment

Home of the Arts (Hota), in partnership with 1Five hosted a workshop on the use of modern technology to make music, featuring Malawian artist Kelvin Gumbi. We caught up with the Malawian artist and this is what he had to share.

tjil (t): Firstly, welcome to Namibia. How is KBG doing and how excited are you to be here?

KBG (K): I am doing fine, really, and I was excited and nervous because I did not know what to expect. Otherwise I am happy to be meeting new people and I am having fun with the creatives from Rundu.

t: For those who do not know who KBG is, please share who you are and what you do?

K: I am an artist, a producer, an advocate, a fashion enthusiast and an entrepreneur.

t: You facilitated a workshop on the use of modern technology to make music, what did you share with attendees at this workshop?

K: They learned how to use the modern-day technology to advance their art and how they can utilise digital platforms to push their creativity globally. It was exciting because I also demonstrated how I create my music.

t: What are you hoping attendees left with after the workshop?

K: Knowledge and most definitely tools to equip them for their creative sessions.

t: You are an all-round creative. What opportunities do you wish to explore in Namibia as far as being a creative is concerned?

K: I am not sure yet, but am excited because content creation is about capturing authenticity, and I am a fan of spontaneous activity, so whatever comes I am with it.

t: Lastly, is there anything you would love to share with our readers/your fans that we may have omitted in our questions above?

K: Please come and network. If you missed the workshop, I will still be at The Night Around The Fire concert tomorrow. Follow me on Instagram @kbg_nyalimuzik to stay updated.