Serving for 21 years

25 September 2020 | People

He is the evidence that the early bird catches the worm

Michelline Nawatises

Mateus Shileka Jonas (46) was born in the Ohangwena Region in northern Namibia, where he was raised as a farm boy herding cattle and goats for his father.

In 1999 Jonas told his father that he wanted to travel to the city and he secured a job the following month at Rent-A-Drum – the leading organisation in waste management. “I got employed as a load worker and since then I have never worked for any other company,” he says.

Jonas has been part of the company for 21 years. He adds that his love for the job grows daily. “This place has a conducive environment to work in, which made me not leave my job until now,” he says.

His workday starts at 02: 00. “I am able to handle the pressure and I am a good team worker as well, as I make sure that we provide excellent customer service to each and every company we tender service to,” he says.

Jonas’s primary focus is to assist the driver to collect all the waste. His key performance areas are reporting as well as loading and offloading of recyclable, general waste, as well as medical and condemned food containers. He also ensures that the vehicle cab is clean at all times.

Other responsibilities include collecting containers from client premises and to ensure that it is clean and neat before leaving a site. He also sees to it that the load on the truck is always secure. Mateus also helps the driver to keep the truck cab clean at all times. He also assists the wash bay personnel to wash the truck or vehicle on its wash day or in the event of spillage.

He adds that his dream is to retire in this company since he grew with the company and his life accomplishments, like getting married and building his house, all took place while working at Rent-A-Drum.