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• Items in store at Thriftalot this winter

19 June 2020 | Art and Entertainment



Ensuring that their clients are decked out in style, Thriftalot has stocked up on up-to-the-minute winter garments.

Speaking to tjil earlier this week, Thriftalot founder Kvng Tala, real name Ndatala Angula, said Thriftalot is currently doing their third edition of the #ThriftaTakeover campaign, which is aimed at reinforcing brand awareness and strengthening its foundation in the Namibian market.

He shared that this winter, their clothing range consists of fur denim jackets, hockey jerseys, mink coats, turtlenecks and windbreakers.

“The reason for this is to make sure both our existing and new clientele are catered for.

“The items do not come in pairs, so better get yours now,” Angula said.

Range of accessories

He added that this year, Thriftalot added a range of accessories to its offering, which included necklaces, earrings and bracelets.

“Our accessory line, just like our clothing, comes once and goes.

“We want to keep evolving and keep our clientele on their toes. We have upcoming collaborations with international accessory brands in the pipeline as well, so please stay tuned,” he said.

Biggest campaign

Angula emphasised the campaign is Thriftalot's biggest to date, adding that the numbers reached and the sales made are of tremendous value in their books.

“We will not be having any projects after the #thriftatakeover concludes. This is due to the Covid-19 pandemic, which has jammed our supply line. However, our annual ThriftAPop event will take place if the situation gets better,” Angula said.