Schools no place for political gain

20 June 2019 | Education

The education executive director Sanet Steenkamp has called on the public to refrain from using schools for gatherings, campaigns and fundraising activities for political gain.

In a media statement issued on Tuesday, Steenkamp said in light of the current political activities ahead of the upcoming elections, the ministry has observed trends of uncoordinated access of groups, particularly political parties, to school premises under the pretext of motivational talks for learners and teachers.

She warned that learners should also not be addressed on political matters on school premises.

“Although the ministry’s mandate upholds that education is a collective responsibility and nurturing can take many forms, the ministry’s regulations and stance in this respect are very clear,” she cautioned.

Steenkamp noted that while the ministry recognises the constitutional human rights of freedom of association, its mandate is to ensure a secure school environment for all, saying that schools are sensitive and secure areas with the ministry having to fulfil a critical role of responsibility for all learners.

The executive director therefore urged school management at regional and school level to safeguard against political activities on school premises.

Namibia will hold its seventh Presidential and National Assembly elections on 27 November.