SA breaches 200 000 coronavirus cases

08 July 2020 | International



Since 27 March, 3 310 South Africans have died after contracting Covid-19. It took 102 days for the country to record 100 000 cases, and just 14 days later it recorded 200 000.

Cases nationally have on average increased by nearly 5 000 cases a day, largely driven by a surge in infections in Gauteng and the Eastern Cape.

The number of confirmed cases of Covid-19 in South Africa on Monday topped the 200 000-mark - double the number of cases reported just 14 days ago on 22 June.

Doubled in two weeks

This means that 100 000 coronavirus cases were recorded in 14 days across the country, compared to the 102 days it took since the first confirmed case on 5 March to reach the first 100 000 cases.

This surge in cases can be attributed to a significant spike in the number of cases being found in Gauteng, the most densely populated province in the country.

On 22 June, the Western Cape accounted for a little more than half of the 100 000 cases reported nationally, with 52 544 cases.

But it took the Western Cape 18 days to double from 25 000 cases to 50 000. In contrast, Gauteng doubled from 26 000 cases on 24 June to more than 50 000 cases in just 10 days.

As of Monday, Gauteng had reported 66 891 confirmed cases, quickly catching up to the Western Cape, which has 70 938 cases.

On 13 June, 99 days after the first Covid-19 case was confirmed in Gauteng, the province had less than 10 000 confirmed cases, and had, on average, reported 88 new cases a day.

Between 14 June and 6 July, that average skyrocketed to 2 300 cases a day, with the province recording more than 50 000 cases in 23 days.

For the week leading up to 6 July, Gauteng and the Eastern Cape reported a daily increase in cases far exceeding that of the Western Cape.

400 000 cases by 20 July

If the current doubling rate holds true, the country will surpass 400 000 confirmed cases by 20 July, seven days later than predicted by the South African Covid-19 Modelling Consortium's latest publicly available projections.

But Gauteng has also tested more people than any other province. Geographically the smallest province, Gauteng is home to by far the highest number of people. According to Statistics South Africa, the 2019 mid-year population estimate for Gauteng is 15.2 million.