Running his own race

02 August 2019 | Art and Entertainment

?Kinzzo, real name Nelumbu Gideon, is no stranger to putting in work and basically taking one step at a time.

Over the years he has established his brand through qualitative elements that are key to winning it in this music game. With a track list that could impress anyone willing to pay attention, Kinzzo has continued to develop himself and his craft. tjil took time to pretty much update ourselves with how his career keeps moving forward.

Kinzzo started off as a producer and has worked with big names such as Tate Buti and King Tee Dee.

“It is funny because I used to record songs and keep them to myself until one of the songs leaked and became a hit.

The song was titled I Don't Know Where To G.

I decided to record an album after the success of that song; it was just so popular,” he recalled. He mentioned that he does not like boxing himself into one specific music genre but lets his creativity be his compass.

“I mostly do house music that I fuse with traditional music but I am very experimental.

I produce and sing whatever comes into my mind during the recording period,” said Kinzzo.

The versatile artist has four albums released under his record label What Kind Music.

Kinzzo is nominated in four categories at this year's Namibian Annual Music Awards (NAMAs). “Like it was said at the announcement of the nominees, the NAMAs is a platform to showcase the best that Namibia has in its music industry. I feel proud for the effort I have put in my music.

These nominations mean that it is not only my fans that support me but the biggest music body in the country notices my work as well,” he said.

Kinzzo announced that he is busy working on his fifth album, a project he predicts is going to be one of his biggest albums.

“It is going to feature artists from Angola and South Africa. I cannot wait to share it with my fans.

“With this album I want to cross borders and tap into different markets.

I want my music to be listened to, not just in Namibia but other countries too,” said Kinzzo.

You can catch Kinzzo tonight at Zinc Zazongo Bar at Okongo celebrating his NAMAs nominations.