Rundu residents protest against Redforce

23 September 2021 | Local News

Kenya Kambowe


Hundreds of Rundu residents - led by the Rundu Community Association (RCA) - yesterday undertook a peaceful demonstration at the riverside town, demanding that the local authority terminate its contract with Redforce debt collector.

The association accused the town council of betrayal, saying there were no public consultations done before the three-year agreement between council and the company.

The council appointed Redforce last October to recover the close to N$500 million the local authority is owed by various stakeholders.

At the protest, community members pointed out irregular practices allegedly taking place at the council.

“The residents never signed anything with Redforce but with the town council,” the RCA petition reads.

“Town council failed to engage the residents before considering to contract a third party, which - in the end - has just been harassing the residents and making their lives a misery,” they said.

‘Nothing has improved’

“Since Redforce started, nothing has improved. In fact, things have gotten worse because water is cut off more than ever.”

The RCA gave about 11 reasons why the contract between the council and Redforce should be terminated and threatened that if they do not get a favourable response before 8 October, the local authority “will not appreciate the association’s next call of action”.

The petition was handed over to Rundu mayor, Gabriel Kanyanga, who told protestors that the document will be discussed by the council.

He meanwhile called upon residents to settle their municipal accounts, saying the lack of payment is a huge burden on council’s efforts to address issues.

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