Reward offered for missing woman

22 July 2020 | Crime



The police have announced a reward of N$50 000 for information that may lead to finding 22-year-old Shannon Wasserfall, who has been missing for nearly three months.

Wasserfall was reported missing on 10 April after she had dropped her child at a friend's house at Kuisebmond in Walvis Bay. The police have been searching for her for the past three months but she has not been found. She was last seen wearing a black T-shirt, white shorts and a navy blue jacket at the Independence Supermarket.

Namibian Twitter users have created the hashtag #BringShannonHome in an effort to amplify the search for Wasserfall. Hundreds of users on the platform have posted, shared and retweeted the hashtag, and have created accompanying artwork.

Her family has also asked for donations from the public to hire a private detective to help find her.

The police said statements were taken from all those who had contact with Wasserfall before her disappearance but there are no clues as to her whereabouts.