Reusable pads for Mariental girls

Progress made on sanitary hygiene

26 November 2019 | Youth

Tunohole Mungoba

Material valued at N$9 000 has been acquired for the production of reusable sanitary pads Mariental High School girls.

According to Donna Gamatham, the pioneer of the sanitary pads project and head girl of Mariental High School, has been funding.

“I am not selling or looking for profit, so that made it difficult to gather all the necessary material for the pads, as they are quite costly.”

She also struggled with gathering all the important stakeholders she needed for the launch of the product. Gamatham is focusing on Mariental, and as from 2020, she plans on taking the project regionally, starting with her village, Gibeon.

“However, the plan is to take it nationwide over time. I am currently looking for partners all over Namibia and they are free to reach out to me,” she said.

Hardap governor Esme Sophia Isaack said at an event that took place at the Mariental High School Hall last week: “This is an invention which needs to be imitated by our fellow young girls. With current trends of different diseases, STDs and other related illnesses, awareness campaigns for the consistent use of sanitary pads become vital to promote hygiene and a healthy lifestyle amongst our girls.

“The provision of free sanitary pads, especially for schoolgirls, is a subject we all need to embrace and promote. Sexual health subjects are something which we cannot shy away from.”

She urged girls, especially those in school, to capitalise on this initiative and take ownership of the project. She says she is convinced that with the active and consistent engagement of young girls in communities, this will go a long way in promoting health in schools and in entire communities.

Mariental mayor Willem Josef Mensah fully supports the initiative and hopes all girls in Mariental and in Namibia will have access to the product.

“I further call on all, especially those in the business sector, to be part of this project, so that the sanitary pads reach each and every girl in all corners of our country,” said Mensah.