Rescue plan for our forgotten high school students

27 July 2021 | Education

Fanuel Shinedima

It's July and I am on my balcony in Stellenbosch having coffee attending an online class from the comfort of my couch. My university has introduced me to online learning, an initiative that has been able to keep me up to date regardless of the lockdown stages this year.

I immediately think about Namibia, my fellow high school students and the struggles they are possibly enduring due to closure of schools alongside side a new curriculum that seems to be a challenge for many.

I wondered for a few seconds and reflected back to how I endured the same journey last year. Covid-19 has changed so many things and has us in positions where we no longer see what the future holds. The only way we can keep going through this hard time is to innovate and adapt to what seems to be a challenge.

I looked at the resources I have, my skills and what I am good at and that is how I founded Edu-Line Academy. A project seeking to provide a simple fully online learning platform for students across the country. This project will run on for four months, August till November. At the moment, due to lack of resources, this initiative is only available to students with access to the internet and a smartphone or a laptop, it remains my personal vision to make quality education inclusive for all as it remains our fundamental right. I am still thinking about those students, maybe you can help me.

The tutorship project will cover possibly almost every subject offered for grades 10, 11 and 12. This will include Ordinary Level, Higher Level and AS Level. The platform includes access to past papers, pre-recorded and live classes and personal assistance to students from Edu-Line tutors.

I have decided to introduce Namibian high school students to the concept of online learning, to allow them to fully utilize their time to prepare for their exams and possibly the new environment we are all in. This project will also focus on providing mentoring and support like university applications just to mention a few. The students will communicate with tutors on the platform and this will allow them to properly learn. I will be offering support in Accounting, Economics and Business Studies for all grades and levels.

Along side other partners, we have decided to dedicate our time, resources and skills to Namibian students to assist them through the remaining four months of their high school journeys to make a difference. Like many tutoring academies, we are not a for profit academy however we charge a small fee that I have decided to contribute towards growing the network, by providing as many tutors on ground to assist as well as to grow the network. It remains a challenge to acquire free tutors so part of the fees will cater to compensate tutors to assist our students.

I am therefore calling on prospective tutors, prospective students and prospective donors and other stakeholders to make use of this opportunity, to apply, donate and support our students. I personally do understand how challenging it is for disadvantaged students who cannot access this opportunity, and that is where you come in. Give me a WhatsApp text on +264815682174 or reach me on [email protected] for registration and other enquiries. I am also able to assist schools develop and transform to digital learning.

Until them, keep safe, mask up and vaccinate. Let's fight the virus.