Renowned MC shares presenting tips

Mathew 'Mappz' Kapofi chats about longevity and new music

12 July 2019 | Art and Entertainment

Narrating how he got into the entertainment industry, Mappz shared that it all began when he was 13 years old.

His two older brothers were big fans of hip-pop and Kwaito, so those influences played a big role in him becoming a rapper and songwriter. “One of my brothers, Kavanje, was the one who kept motivating me to continue with the music. The more I kept making music, different doors started opening and I started rubbing shoulders with the right people,” said Mappz.

As a creative, he feels most comfortable in the recording studio because that is where he believes he expresses himself more. He added that the studio also affords him the opportunity to experiment and collaborate with other creatives to make something extraordinary.

As far as hosting events is concerned, Mappz mentioned that his highlight was hosting the NAMAs alongside Uejaa Kazondunge and Bonang Matheba. “That moment made me realise how far I have come and that passion and hard work pays off,” he said.

On the qualities that make up a good MC, Mappz pointed out charisma as a very important quality to have. “You need to have a positive energy and be happy to do the job. After that it's all about focusing and having fun at the same time,” shared Mappz. He describes his style of presenting as high energy presentations coupled with comedy. He mentioned that it also varies for the type of event he is hosting.

“The way I would host a corporate event will not be the same way I present a social event,” he said.

Having been on the entertainment scene for many years, Mappz attributes his longevity to believing in himself as a brand and being confident in his talent and the services he offers. “Always working towards my ultimate goal, which is to be a media mogul and accomplished businessman, keeps me going,” he said, adding that family, friends and the people who believe in what creatives do keep him grounded.

He recently joined the Breakfast Express team at NBC National Radio, an experience he said is going very well. He said they have a lot of fun on- and off-air. “I mostly enjoy talking about national issues and the latest positive developments in our country and continent,” he said.

On the music front, Mappz revealed that he has a new project titled Omundilo Woshilongo, which means fire of the nations. He announced that he will launch it at the end of the year. “It is a mixture of Afropop, trap and hip-hop. Watch the press for details,” he shared.

Mappz was also announced as one of the performing artists at the Katutura Fashion Week. He promised an exciting performance, saying music fans are going to enjoy a different twist to Namibian music.

Summing up the conversation with tjil, Mappz said that when it is all said and done, he would like to be remembered as the guy who was always working towards his dream, no matter what the circumstances are.