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Pre- and post-pandemic prosperity

29 July 2021 | Business

Having access to appropriate vitamin supplements will continue throughout the pandemic and into the future. Roland Struwig, Marketing Manager: RMA.

Maintaining a healthy immune system is always important, but with Covid-19’s devastating toll, it has become critical.

In these times, even age-old adages needed to evolve. Thus, prevention is not only better than cure, but also far less expensive. Medical aid providers play a crucial role in giving members access to immune-boosting vitamins and supplements, and though many have adjusted their offerings to suit this current crisis, Renaissance Health Medical Aid Fund (RMA), are among the industry leaders for whom this has been a priority for years.

“At RMA, your health comes first, that is why you can rest assured during these difficult times that your medical aid benefits will cover you for essential vitamins and minerals, to boost your immune system and keep you healthy, as well as cover your acute prescribed medication in the unfortunate event that you become infected with Covid-19,” explained Roland Struwig, marketing manager at RMA.

“For the past eight years, RMA has ensured that multivitamins and multi-mineral supplements are covered, whether taken over-the-counter (OTC) or whether prescribed by a healthcare practitioner and claimed from your acute medication benefit.”

Not only is this an established part of RMA’s offering, but will continue as part of their practice, while at others it may fall away after the current health crisis is over.

“Having access to appropriate vitamin supplements will continue throughout the pandemic and into the future, because we understand that immune support is of vital importance now more than ever,” he added.


Moreover, if you or one of your family members contract Covid-19, it is essential that you take the necessary prescribed medication to treat your symptoms and avoid serious illness or hospitalisation.

“That is why RMA has ensured that your Covid-19 out-of-hospital treatment is covered by your extended medication benefit, so that your acute medication benefits will not be impacted. This way, you can continue to use your acute benefit for immune-boosting supplements, and prescribed medication will come from your extended medication benefit,” he elaborated.

Keep your body healthy and strong with multivitamin and mineral supplements that are covered by your RMA medical aid option.

“Plus, if you get Covid-19, RMA will ensure a smooth recovery and peace of mind as your medication will be paid from your Extended Medication Benefit, thereby ensuring that you will have access to the appropriate Covid-19 medication treatment, even if your acute medicine benefit is depleted,” Struwig reassured.

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