Rebranding with a purpose

Lady May Africa's spiritual itinerary going smoothly

05 April 2019 | Art and Entertainment

After more than a decade in the music arena, Lady May Africa is a formidable force in the game.

Deciding to add the suffix 'Africa' to her name and shape up her brand, she's back on the scene with a gospel album in the pipeline. The era of born-again Lady May Africa is upon us and when she is promising to dish up uplifting music and positively impacting the masses, what more could you ask for?

Elaborating why she added the suffix 'Africa' to her name, the singer said that it is a rebranding of her new life and career. “I am done with the old Lady May and everything that was known or came with the past,” said Lady May Africa while referencing 2 Corinthians 5:17 from the scriptures.

She added that this is the beginning of her new journey and the dawn of a new era in her life. She has decided to give her life to Jesus, entering into a covenant with God. “That means I have to go according to the expectations of the Creator and pleasing Him only. I am no longer the same person that Namibia knew years ago and therefore I cannot be called Lady May anymore but Lady May Africa,” she declared.

Sharing the progress of her first gospel album, the singer mentioned that she has been in studio with an internationally acclaimed vocal coach by the name Naomi Klassik from Nigeria who did a great job on some of her songs and Namibia should look forward to that album. “The sound and elements are completely different to what Namibia is used to but I still have some of my old style of singing in there. It is a deeply spiritual album,” said Lady May Africa. She said the album is going to be about deep worshiping. She maintains that she wants the album to be able to heal and touch as many fans as possible. “I really just want God to be magnified in this album since I feel like I have been far from Him for so long and this is my way of saying, thank you Father for preserving my life until this time when I can praise and worship your holy name,” she said.