Reaffirming dreams

31 January 2020 | People

Ester Kamati

Pullquote: I have always had a desire to make a meaningful contribution to the Namibian nation but I also have a passion for finance.

Metarere Muvangua is a dynamic and artistic young man, born and bred in Windhoek, whose hunger for excellence has been rewarded with two excellence awards for his work at the Namibia Qualifications Authority (NQA).

Career advice is possibly the most important advice one can ever receive and as the career advice administrator at the NQA, Metarere Muvangua advises clients who aspire to further their studies about the career and study pathways open to them.

He is the current holder of the NQA Employee Excellence Award 2019 and Customer Service Excellence Award 2019, which were conferred on him in December last year.

Included in his daily tasks is assisting NQA clients by verifying the accreditation status of teaching institutions and programmes worldwide, as well as warning them about the consequences of studying at unaccredited institutions.

“The NQA offers this free service to empower prospective students to make informed decisions and study with peace of mind knowing that their qualifications will be recognised upon completion of their studies,” he says.

The sacrifice of a parent is never forgotten and Muvangua embodies that through constant recognition of his parents and their efforts. “I am inspired by my parents who fought tooth and nail to make sure I was always taken care of and able to get an education.

“I have always had a desire to make a meaningful contribution to the Namibian nation but I also have a passion for finance.”

After earning a degree in finance Muvangua worked in the financial sector for some time before making a vital discovery: “I felt unfulfilled.”

When the NQA advertised a vacancy for a career advice administrator, Muvangua saw it as an opportunity to realise his dream of doing more for Namibia. “I grabbed it (the opportunity) with both hands and have never looked back.”

Having worked at the NQA for nearly two years, he values most the “platform to make a progressive impact in the academic life of people from different walks of life.”

Although he walks, talks and acts the part, Muvangua is not your typical extrovert. Many people may not know that he actually prefers his own company. Muvangua loves all facets of Namibia and in his free time he enjoys exploring the diversity of the country, especially through music. He spends some of his time creating and listening to music. As a sports fanatic, he also spends some of his free time catching up on football.

Muvangua prides himself on being able to maintain a positive energy and remain level headed even in tough times. “I believe what make me unique is that even when adversity comes knocking, I’m always able to tap into the infinite energy within myself and that impels me to remain optimistic, absorbed and resolute in achieving my goals.”