RDP appalled by bribe scandal

City denies joint venture with Huawei

17 July 2020 | Crime



The Rally for Democracy and Progress (RDP) is investigating two of its senior party members who are allegedly at the heart of the Huawei 5G bribery scandal, revealed by the Al Jazeera investigative unit this week.

Party president Mike Kavekotora said yesterday: “The RDP under my leadership does not condone corruption of whatever nature. We are governed by the rule of law and justice for all. This disturbing news did not go down well with us. We do not have much information about what is being alleged, and as such, the RDP will launch an investigation.”


According to Al Jazeera, RDP Windhoek councillor Brunhilde Cornelius says she was offered a bribe to ensure Chinese tech giant Huawei landed an exclusive contract to build the 5G telecommunication network in Windhoek.

?She further alleged that the bribe was offered by another RDP member, Nicanor Ndjoze, who reportedly worked hand-in-hand with his nephew, Reckliff Kandjiriomuini, who is the City of Windhoek IT manager.

Cornelius confirmed that she engaged with the Al Jazeera and said it is unfortunate that her name is now smeared by those she has exposed.

Ndjoze told Namibian Sun he was told by his attorney not to comment.

Kandjiriomuini’s phone was off yesterday.

Cornelius also alleged that she was offered between N$5 million and N$6 million not to object to the City agreement with Huawei.

City denies N$10m payment

City CEO Robert Kahimise said there was no joint venture agreement between the City and Huawei.

“Council has not approved an MoU with Huawei and there exists no 5G project approved by the council of the City of Windhoek. Council has never applied for a 5G spectrum licence at the Cran,” he said.

The City has also denied allegations it is in the process of paying N$10 million to local law firm Uanivi Gaes Incorporated for legal advice rendered on its Smart City project.

It is alleged that the payment was authorised by the City’s ICT division.

Kahimise confirmed that Uanivi Gaes Incorporated was appointed through a procurement process.

He added the decision was approved at an official council meeting and dismissed allegations that the purchase order was signed by Kandjiriomuini.

According to Kahimise, a purchase order was issued in order to commit budgetary funds for a number of reasons, including legal, transactional advisory services, due diligence and project planning and potential litigation arising from the project.

“A purchase order is not a payment; it is merely official confirmation of an order… The City of Windhoek herewith wishes to clarify that no work has been completed for N$10 million and hence this assertion is devoid of any truth,” he said.

Vetu Uanivi of Uanivi Gaes Incorporated yesterday said the City of Windhoek must clarify this matter.

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