Rape horror continues

03 July 2019 | Crime

Two men are being investigated for allegedly raping an eight-year-old girl at the Tutaleni informal settlement in Walvis Bay.

According to the police crime report, they allegedly raped the girl between May and June this year.

“The 36-year-old was arrested, but the second suspect, who is known, is still on the run. Police investigations continue,” police spokesperson, Chief Inspector Kauna Shikwambi, said.

The victim and her mother live in a shack next to the two men.

“A family member became suspicious and informed the mother, who alerted the police. The child was taken for a medical examination,” Shikwambi said.

Meanwhile, a 28-year-old woman was raped and robbed of N$1 900 by a taxi driver near Ondangwa on Saturday.

The victim, who is from Windhoek, took a taxi until after the Onhuno weighbridge, where her parents were waiting for her.

“The taxi had other occupants who were dropped off before her. After the last person was dropped at Okadoolopa location, the victim and the driver remained in the taxi and the suspect asked to have sexual intercourse with the victim.

“When she refused, at around Okanyofi village, the driver pulled of the road and the victim fled from the car. However, the suspect chased her, caught up with her and dragged her back into the car,” the crime report said.

The taxi driver then drove back to Iindangungu village, where he allegedly raped the woman after threatening her with an okapi knife.

“After he had sexual intercourse with the victim, she escaped again, naked, and ran towards a nearby house, but still the suspect chased her, grabbed her purse and turned back to his car, and drove off. The suspect was arrested and the victim's money and clothing were recovered from the suspect's car.”

Police investigations continue.

In a separate event, a 27-year-old woman was raped, allegedly by a 34-year-old man, on Saturday evening at Smarties location in Okahandja.

According to the police it is alleged that the suspect and the victim were drinking together. The victim was heavily intoxicated and the suspect took advantage of the situation.