Rainfall season ends with decreased showers

28 May 2020 | Weather



The month of April experienced a general decrease in showers, as the 2019/20 rainfall season came to an end.

According to a rainfall performance report issued by the Meteorological Service Division, most rainfall reporting stations throughout the country received no rain for the month. From the more than 40 stations analysed, normal to above-normal rainfall was experienced over the central-north (Oshana and Oshikoto regions), the bulk of the Omaheke, central Khomas and some areas in western Hardap and //Karas, according to a summary issued by the weather office.

The remainder of the country experienced below-normal rainfall.

Good rains from December

On a seasonal scale, the Zambezi Region experienced normal to below- normal rainfall in the beginning of the season (October to November), receiving most of its good rains from December last year.

Despite the peak in January through March, the region remained in the normal rainfall category for the season. Meanwhile, the Kavango East and Kavango West regions received over 400mm of rain. According to the weather office, the regions had a normal to above-normal trend from December through March, but a decrease in rainfall during April.

The season therefore concluded with below-normal to normal rainfall for Kavango West, but normal rain for Kavango East.

North-central regions

The bulk of the north-central regions (Ohangwena, Oshana, Omusati and Oshikoto) received normal rainfall from December to the end of April. The rainfall over these regions was isolated, but occurred more around the border of Oshana and Oshikoto, which experienced above-normal rainfall.

The Kunene Region received below-normal rainfall for the first trimester of the season, but conditions improved from January to the end of the season. Most of the rainfall occurred in the central-east of the region, with Khorixas reporting 193.8mm for the season. The greater part of Kunene received below-normal rainfall for the sea

Good eastern rains

Additionally, some areas over eastern Erongo such as farm Ombona (485.6mm) and western Omaheke (Steinhausen, 735mm) experienced good rains. The meteorological office said this accounts for an above-normal performance for parts of Omaheke, but still shows a below-normal seasonal performance for Erongo and normal to below-normal for Omaheke. Khomas, Hardap and //Karas started off very dry, but then received good rains from February, although not widespread and occurring in spots until April.

Normal rainfall was experienced over the eastern sector of Hardap and //Karas, with significant amounts accumulated in specific areas of both regions, such as at Farm Aruab (180.4mm), Ariamsvlei (122.5mm) and Koës (207.5mm).

“This indicates a good seasonal performance, but the bulk of the regions remain in the normal to below-normal range.”