Rabbit Hole, Love Matters impresses

12 June 2013 | Art and Entertainment

WindhoekGordon Joseph Two exciting exhibitions opened at the National Art Gallery last Friday, each with a powerful message aimed at creating awareness about what we consume through the mass media. Niina Turtola's Love Matters in Art, also known as, Hate me and see if I care, is an exhibition that embraces typography. Niina, who is a graphic designer, says the idea for the exhibition was inspired by the Land Matters in Art campaign. She said the exhibition is aimed at creating a better understanding of visual culture, as it is a powerful tool. Niina's exhibition involved the printing of English quotes, newspaper clippings and other sentences on paper. "I love typography, I think I was born with text in my pocket," an excited Niina says. The second exhibition is Kirsten Wechslberger's Down the Rabbit Hole. Her mediums include digital visual displays, sound, light, wood and rope, amongst others. She challenges the viewer to become aware of their life and life choices while seeing, hearing, and feeling. Kirsten tells tjil she wanted to depict how much viewers consume without realising it. The installations create a sort of a contrast between love and violence. "Every movie I watched, when there is a violent scene I would document it and I did the same with scenes of love. It also depicts the sound of love as opposed to violence, the aim is to make viewers more aware of what they consume," she says. The two exhibitions will be on display until July 3.