Protect the youth - //Hoebes

Agents of change for the future

13 June 2019 | Youth

The youth must be taken care of and be protected as they are the agents of change and the human capital of the future.

This is according to deputy international relations minister Christine //Hoebes, who said stakeholders must work together and present the youth with opportunities to allow them to continue to work towards enhancing sustainable development and the attainment of Vision 2030.

“Across the globe we are seeing youth taking responsibility for their future and holding us accountable for the decisions we make today. Closer to home, Namibian youth are advocating for social justice and an opportunity to make a difference,” she said.

//Hoebes was speaking at a breakfast meeting with the diplomatic community and heads of international organisations, co-hosted by United Nations Namibia and the international relations ministry.

UN resident coordinator Rachel Odede pointed out that youth are the leaders of tomorrow and the multipliers of sustainable development.

She quoted from UN secretary-general António Guterres' recent speech in which he said: “If we are to create a more peaceful, sustainable and prosperous world for all to fulfil the vision of the Vision 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, we need young people to lead.”