Prime-Rose – the rookie on the music scene

13 January 2021 | Art and Entertainment



With her first single, Never Lose, gaining momentum online, allow us to introduce you to the next lady of house and R&B, 17-year-old Prime-Rose.
Produced by Araaffath Muhuure, the single was recently complemented with a music video directed by Eric Mule Production.
The teen describes her music as grounded in R&B and pop, but on Never Lose, she tapped into the house music market.
“My music is an expression of who I am and the trials and tribulations I and other people experience on a daily basis.”
She sings in her native Khoekhoegowab as well as English and said her music is mostly catered to the youth and the young at heart who appreciate good music.

God-given talent
“My mission is to connect and unify humans from all walks of life,” Prime-Rose said.
“I allow myself to artistically express myself while creating meaningful music that also speaks to the needs and desires of my fellow Namibian performers,” she said, adding that she perceives her talent to be from God and she intends to share it with the world.
Sharing her musical history, the singer said she attended keyboard classes when she was young and in 2019, she participated in a gospel competition, making it to the top 10. “Not only was I immensely proud of myself for being the youngest in the competition, but also for making it that far. It made me realise the amount of practice, persistence and hard work it takes to be a musician,” she said.
Never Lose is available for streaming on iTunes and Apple Music, while the video is available on YouTube.