Presidency condemns military crackdown

29 April 2019 | Crime

The Presidency has condemned the alleged violent and heavy handed tactics meted out by members of the Namibian Defence Force on ordinary civilians during joint anti-crime patrols around Windhoek. This follows reports at the weekend after a woman was viciously assaulted by NDF members at a Katutura bar. Reports, mostly unconfirmed, of military brutality have also resurfaced on social media. “It should also be noted that under theConstitution, joint crime frightening operations between the Namibian Police and the Namibian Defences forces have been a regular occurrence and did not begin when the President launched the anti-crime operation last year,” the Presidency said. “With this in mind, any reports of Namibian citizens facing brutality at the hands of our uniformed personnel is highly worrisome and warrants immediate investigation, as it represents a haunting reminder of the dark post-independent history of our country.” Earlier this afternoon, the Ministry of Defence also said it has not ordered any of its members to carry out a violent crackdown on civilians, adding an investigation was underway to identify the culprits.