Preparing for Black Friday

• A checklist to help you survive the madness

20 November 2020 | Life Style

Julienne van Rooyen


Black Friday is around the corner and before the madness starts to take over, the time is now to get one step ahead of all the other consumers in search of that perfect deal.

Here is a checklist of what you can do to prepare for the big day:

Start early: Start doing research as early as possible on Black Friday deals. Check newspapers and websites for good deals, compare prices, make a list of items you would like to buy and, most importantly, try to stick to a budget. Do a search that includes the keywords “Black Friday” to find specific deals. Create your shopping plan: Once you have a list of products you want and know where to find at the best prices, you can put a plan of action in place. Do your research and find out what hours the store will be operating on Black Friday – also check to find out if you will be permitted to camp or wait outside the store until it opens.

Remember to take along your advertisements for the products you want to buy. If you are going to be standing in long queues, make sure you have eaten a good breakfast, dress comfortably and take along some entertainment. It also helps to take along a shopping partner for the day.