Pregnant woman survives hippo attack

24 July 2019 | Crime

A 29-year-old pregnant woman from Rugcuva village in Kavango West is recovering in the Rundu state hospital after she survived a hippo attack.

The incident happened in the early morning hours of Monday along the Okavango River at Rugcuva village, when the hippo attacked Christine Ndumba, leaving her with a fractured left arm and a wound on her left ankle. Ndumba is seven months pregnant.

Speaking from her hospital bed yesterday, Ndumba narrated her ordeal, saying she was attacked from behind by the hippo, which damaged her left arm and left ankle before it fled.

“I went to water our vegetable garden, which is along the river. After that I went to go and set our fish traps in the river, and upon my return to the garden, the hippo attacked me from behind with its jaws on my left arm and then on my left knee.

It then fled the scene, as it went into the river,” Ndumba said.

She said after the attack, she screamed for help and her husband came to her rescue.

Her husband together with three villagers managed to carry her to the nearest clinic and hours later she was transported to the Rundu state hospital.

The nurses at the hospital said Ndumba's pregnancy was not affected, as her unborn baby is fine, while she is in a stable condition.

Ndumba indicated that a hippo has been causing problems at her village, including attacking livestock.

She said a number of cattle have been attacked by the hippo. The Kavango West police report said villagers indicated that the hippo is aggressive, as a result of being attacked by other animals.

“According to the villagers at Rugcuva the hippo has allegedly been terrorising them, as this is the third incident... The hippo apparently seems to be injured, either by elephants or other animals, making it aggressive,” the report said.