Positivity is a mind-set

31 January 2020 | People

Scholtz aspires to inspire

Marjolize Scholtz, who has joined FirstRand Namibia as wellness specialist, believes in the power of the right attitude, focus, and a positive mindset.

Marjolize Scholtz believes in the power of the right mindset and believing in yourself and what you want to achieve.

Scholtz understands that people will never stop growing. “Life is a journey, therefore embrace every moment, share love and understanding; because you never know what struggles the other person has to face today. And most important, always do things with a dash of love and guidance from above,” she says.

Scholtz holds a BA degree in health and social services, with specialisation in psychological counselling, obtained through the University of South Africa (Unisa), with a further qualification in strategic wellness management. In 2019, Scholtz was elected as a council member of the Namibian Blood Transfusion Service (NamBTS), serving for the next three years.

In her new role, Scholtz will be responsible for the overall health and wellness aspects and initiatives for the group. She aims to enhance organisational health and well-being through innovative awareness programmes and initiatives that encourage healthy habits and inspire employees to take responsibility for their own health.

“We aim to decrease absenteeism due to illness and stress, by cultivating a positive and supportive environment, which celebrates the improvement of the quality of life of our employees,” Scholtz says.

When asked about her aspirations for the wellness office, Scholtz said she was fully committed to delivering high-quality health and wellness services which include awareness, prevention, promotion, counselling and clinical services for all employees.

“The confidentiality of all our employees is of the utmost importance in achieving a level of trust and satisfaction. We also aim to focus on a person as a whole and would encourage employees to be aware of all eleven areas of wellness and in doing so, search and find a unique solution to overcome the challenges they are facing.”

Scholtz loves to travel and meet new people and she is also a qualified scuba diver who has many dive sites on her bucket list.

Scholtz hopes to inspire others through her attitude, and lives by a quote from Tom Stoppard: “A healthy attitude is contagious, but do not wait to catch it from others. Be a carrier!”

Her message to her colleagues is to never lose hope and become hung up on those New Year’s resolutions. “Rather make smaller changes throughout the year and sustain the changes. Remember, to fully embed a new habit or change, you will have to repeat it for three cycles of 21 days. Therefore, hang in there, you can do it. Never give up. There are various avenues of help out there and you are not alone.”