Police tied up in red tape

15 September 2021 | Police



The police are looking at ways of procuring goods and services more quickly, as the current procurement process hinders effective policing.

Inspector-General Sebastian Ndeitunga says bureaucratic red tape is undermining police operations, and the line ministry’s executive director is looking at ways to address the issue.

“Our ED is already trying to come up with an intervention mechanism,” he said.

The Kavango West police commander, Commissioner Josephat Abel, described the procurement process as cumbersome when he addressed a press conference at Nkurenkuru on Friday.

Abel said it negatively affects policing in the region, which is already poorly resourced compared to other regions.


“With the procurement policy in place, it is cumbersome to us as a law enforcement agency. Remember the police is an institution that never goes on leave,” Abel said.

“Now you have to follow procurement policy and process and it is cumbersome in the sense that you get a quotation in Rundu for the fixing of a vehicle, you bring that quotation and you send it to the headquarters in order for it to be scrutinised.

“You have to wait for the purchase order and then you again take it to Rundu, which 130 kilometres away, and then you have to wait again because it is not only your vehicle being repaired,” he said.

Abel was responding to questions on the availability of resources in the region for the police to fight crime.

Apart from the cumbersome procurement process, Abel said the region was unable to fight crime effectively due to factors such as bad roads.

He said there were plans to establish a number of police substations across the region.

He called on local communities to help the police to fight crime.

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