Police, not NDF, shot robbery suspect dead

03 December 2019 | Crime

A wanted criminal was shot dead in Katutura on Sunday night during an undercover operation by police officers, and not by Namibian Defence Force (NDF) members of Operation Kalahari Desert.

The police yesterday refuted speculations on social media that the man had been shot by NDF soldiers.

Namibian Police spokesperson Chief Inspector Kauna Shikwambi identified the deceased as John Dauseb, a wanted criminal out on bail in a number of robbery cases.

Dauseb was shot during an undercover operation in Max Eixab Street in Katutura on Sunday night at about 22:00.

“When the undercover officers learnt about the whereabouts of the wanted suspect they went there to make a lawful arrest, but the suspect was unruly and resisted arrest,” she said.

One of Dauseb's friends allegedly threw a bottle which hit a police officer in the head. An undercover officer pursued the man who had thrown the bottle, said Shikwambi.

Another officer remained behind to arrest Dauseb, but Dauseb attacked him and stabbed him in the hand.

Shikwambi said the officer fired a warning shot but that did not deter Dauseb, who threatened to kill the officer.

The cornered officer then shot Dausab in self-defence, Shikwambi said.

According to her, the officer received treatment for his injuries and is in a stable condition.

The case is being investigated by the police's internal investigation directorate.

“This is an unfortunate and regrettable incident which could have been avoided had the suspects cooperated with the officers, who only intended to effect a lawful arrest.

“Our emphasis has been and continues to be that the public must cooperate when approached by law enforcement enforcers,” Shikwambi said.

She said fighting, threatening, injuring and undermining police officers in the execution of their duties serves no purpose, and in most cases turn out disastrous.

“It must be avoided at all times. When a suspect feels that there is a breach in the executing of the arrest, it can be addressed at the station. The public must know that the officers do not and cannot make arrests for nothing; surely there must be a contravention of the law that results in the arrest of offenders.”

She further warned the public not to interfere when the police are making an arrest.

“We refute the ongoing social media messages that the deceased was killed by an NDF member of the Kalahari Desert Operation,” she added.

Messages were doing the rounds on social media yesterday that a teenager had been shot by a soldier in Katutura when he resisted being searched.