Police chief warns corrupt reservists

• Ndeitunga wags finger at would-be offenders

20 July 2020 | Police



While the number of police reservists has grown significantly to 378, those who join the force with ill intentions are warned that they will be dealt with.

Inspector-general Sebastian Ndeitunga said this when he addressed police reservists in Windhoek last week.

He said the Khomas, Otjozondjupa, Hardap and Erongo regions have the highest number of volunteer reservists and encouraged the rest of the country to follow suit.

Zero tolerance

According to Ndeitunga certain individuals become police reservists for their own benefit.

He condemned recent cases of corruption, human trafficking and child pornography committed by reservists and said the culprits would be dealt with.

Ndeitunga added that some criminals have succeeded in their criminal activities because they are aided and abetted by law enforcement officers, including reservists.

“As law enforcers we understand that criminals are our own family members and members of our own communities, but I encourage you to refrain from harbouring criminals.”

He further said that regional commanders have been directed to fill all vacancies for reservists without delay and to ensure that they have the necessary equipment, uniforms, transport and appointment certificates.

The Police Reserve Force was established in terms of the Police Act. Reservists are volunteers and as such are not entitled to payment for the work they do.

Crime spree

According to Ndeitunga, the police have recorded a high number of robberies, housebreakings and murders of late.

In some instances, suspected robbers and burglars are arrested, but the recovery rate of stolen items is very low, especially in the Khomas Region.

Ndeitunga therefore emphasised the collaboration between the police, reservists, neighbourhood watches, the Men and Women Network and the community at large, saying it should be strengthened.

“Members should work hand in hand with informers in order to make breakthroughs in robbery cases in order to increase the recovery rate.”

He congratulated newly appointed reservists and officially introduced Reservist Deputy Commissioner Donavan Harmse, who was promoted to national coordinator of the Police Reserve Force on 1 February.