Pohamba chases cosmetics empowerment

31 January 2019 | Local News

The Penehupifo Pohamba Community Trust (PPCT) is looking for business partners with expertise in cosmetics manufacturing, so they can partner to establish a factory at Eenhana that will produce cosmetics from local plants.

Trust founder and patron, former first lady Penehupifo Pohamba, announced this on Wednesday at Eenhana, while receiving donations from the local Chinese business community.

The business community donated office equipment and money reportedly totalling N$15 130.

Chinam Agriculture Development, Jerson Audio Manufactures, B.H. Complex China and Sport Man Complex China Shop donated office furniture, curtains, a printer and a brown envelope reportedly containing N$4 000, but the actual amount was not disclosed at the event.

Erickson Mwanyangapo donated two bamboo trees and an evergreen plant for the trust's office.

Eenhana town council CEO Walde Ndevashiya and trust chairperson Vilho Nghipondoka were present at the handover.

Pohamba said the PPCT office was inaugurated last year, but had no equipment. They therefore requested assistance from their Chinese friends, who responded positively.

“We are here today to receive some office materials from our friends who have responded to the trust's request. We are therefore expressing our gratitude and acknowledge the effort and courage of your friendship with the PPCT, in particular this generous support,” Pohamba said.

“The trust's primary purpose is to promote value addition to the regionally available untapped natural resources, hence the need to have a factory to realise such dream products to be produced, including cosmetics from natural oils, among others.”

Pohamba said the town council had made available enough land for the factory. However, with the trust still in its infancy, it is unable to kickstart the process of establishing the facility.

“I feel it is important to highlight this to you, since we are looking for business partners with expertise in cosmetics manufacturing. Mind you, the trust is an organisation with a strong bias towards women, and is keen to alleviate poverty. This is through readily available natural resources, consequently creating permanent employment.”

Pohamba said the struggle for the emancipation of women is the responsibility of all humankind, because it is believed that if one empowers women, you have liberated the nation from poverty. She urged partners to come on board and join hands in this endeavour of creating wealth at grassroots level.

She added the aim is nothing else but to improve living conditions and create an enabling environment for all to advance socially and economically, which is the priority of the trust.

“The end result is ensuring that the poor and marginalised women are able to secure opportunities by benefiting from the natural resources at their disposal.

“As a trust, we pledge to play a significant role in society by helping them to use available natural resources and make a living from what they have. However, this will only happen if we are supported by Good Samaritans.

“We are still in need of some funds to partition the office, as per the drawing on the wall. We hope someone, somewhere will hear our plea to rescue us,” Pohamba added.