Pick n Pay assault twist

• Wife of suspect lays charge against employee

09 July 2020 | Crime



The wife of a suspect, who can clearly be seen beating a Pick n Pay employee in a video that went viral this week, has laid a charge of assault against the female staff member.

The police have confirmed that the wife laid a counter-charge of common assault against the employee.

By late yesterday afternoon, the police were still searching for a man who assaulted the Pick n Pay employee at Grove Mall in Windhoek on Sunday.

The female employee opened a case of assault against the man and his wife, who assaulted her in the shop. Security guards failed to intervene.

Screenshots of a video of the assault were posted on the police's Facebook page, asking for the public's assistance to identify the man.

Public outrage quickly spread on social media and led to the identification of the suspect by members of the public as Shaun 'Coolboy' Skikale.

Hiding from police

Deputy Commissioner Abner Agas yesterday confirmed the suspect was still in hiding yesterday afternoon.

The police have been to his house, but he was not there.

Agas added that the public has provided the police with several names and nicknames and therefore the man's exact name has yet to be confirmed.

Violent incident

In the video, the man can be seen throwing something at the employee, resulting in her throwing a piece of paper back at him.

He then runs behind the counter and throws her to the ground and starts hitting her.

The assault continues while the man holds the employee over the counter, while his wife holds the victim's hands.

The man then walks away, but later returns to hit the employee again.

Security guards failed to intervene, and the man's wife at one point runs behind the counter and hits the employee.

During the almost four-minute video, the employee can be seen grabbing a chair to protect herself.

It is unclear what exactly triggered the attack.

Investigations ongoing

Police spokesperson, Deputy Commissioner Kauna Shikwambi, confirmed that no arrests have been made, adding that investigations are ongoing, which includes obtaining witness statements.

Meanwhile, Pick n Pay Namibia has condemned any form of violence in its stores.

Managing director Graeme Mouton expressed shock and dismay over the incident.


“This barbaric incident is extremely upsetting, as we highly value the health and safety of both our employees and customers. In a country where gender-based violence is the order of the day, we simply cannot and will not condone this type of behaviour.

“We are terribly sorry that our employee had to endure this trauma and sincerely apologise to her, as well as the rest of our employees and customers who had to watch this horrendous altercation,” he said.

Mouton said given the seriousness of the incident, and pending a thorough internal investigation into the matter, Pick n Pay has banned the man and his wife from their stores.

“We are proactively working with law enforcement as they proceed with their investigation. Through our group employee wellness function, we have initiated the process of providing trauma counselling to our aggrieved employee, and all our employees who witnessed the attack, to help them get through this ordeal.

“We wish to reassure our employees and our valued customers that their safety, a pleasant shopping experience and customer service is our top priority,” Mouton added.