Passionate about providing housing

Launched 132 units at Osona Village

07 May 2021 | Infrastructure

Michelline Nawatises

Pull quote: “We look to provide homes to as many Namibians as possible.” – Brenton Kuss – Managing Director of Namibia International Capital

Namibia International Capital, in partnership with Shelter Afrique, held a bricklaying event and launched 132 units for low-cost and affordable housing development at Osona Village. Namibia International Capital is a Namibian company with an established track record of developing and constructing low-income and affordable housing projects.

Since its inception in 2017, the company has grown from a 16-house pilot project to providing over 150 homes a year. NIC is among the fastest-growing affordable housing providers in Namibia.

Brenton Kuss, managing director of Namibia International Capital (NIC), said the company is committed to families moving into their own homes.

“We want all Namibians regardless of circumstances to achieve their dreams of owning their own homes,” he said.

Their mission is to provide low- and middle-income families across Namibia with access to high-quality, affordable housing. He believes that good housing is a foundation for developing an inclusive and sustainable future.

He added that they are looking forward to achieving their target of delivering at least 500 homes a year and engaging with the Namibian government to find solutions that allow as many homes as possible at even more affordable prices.

Shelter Afrique believes that as you build houses, you build families and nations. This is the greatest commitment of Shelter Afrique to the people of Africa.

Andrew Chimphondah, managing director of Shelter Afrique, oversees 44 countries in Africa, focusing exclusively on affordable housing. He said when it comes to private-public partnerships we have to understand the rationale. “Something we all need to understand is that it is a human right to deserve a house to live in.”

The mayor of Okahandja, Natasha Brinkmann, said she was pleased to see the boundaries of Okahandja extended. “I applaud Namibia National Capital for meeting the housing backlog in line with the Harambee Prosperity Plan,” she said.

The minister of urban and rural development, Erastus Utoni, urged more public-private partnerships for affordable land servicing and housing.

Dr Libertina Amadhila, the Osona Village patron, said the primary objective of the Osona development was to provide houses for the uniformed forces. “The further objective was to provide suitable housing for other civil servants as well as the public,” she added.