Oshakati CEO recruitment under way

30 June 2020 | Government



The Oshakati town council has started the process to fill the chief executive officer position left vacant by Werner Iita, who resigned when he was nominated for the November 2019 National Assembly election.

According to the acting CEO, Kornelius Kapolo, the town council has a list of applicants who are waiting to be shortlisted.

He would not say how many people had applied between 17 April and 15 May.


“After the application period ended, we started with the long list of all the applicants and their qualifications. We have now written to the urban and rural development ministry to advise us or appoint people who will come do the shortlisting for us,” Kapolo said.

“At the moment we are just waiting for the ministry to respond to our request to them. This is our boss and we do not have mandate to do the shortlisting.”

In November last year, Iita and other politicians affected by the enforcement of Article 47 by the Electoral Commission of Namibia (ECN) had to resign from public-service posts upon acceptance of their nomination as candidates for the National Assembly election, but due to Swapo's lukewarm performance in the election, some of them did not make it to parliament.