Opuwo police arrest more than 30 for contravening regulations

Police ‘will not negotiate with offenders’

22 July 2021 | Crime



More than 30 people were detained at Opuwo from the beginning of June until mid-July this year for contravening regulations to reduce the spread of Covid-19.

The Kunene regional police commander, Commissioner James Nderura, told Nampa people were detained for not adhering to curfew hours, while six were fined for selling alcohol after hours.

He said enforcing these laws helps to curb the spread of the virus and no one is above the law. The police will not be negotiating with offenders, he added.

Illegal entry

Nderura said the recent increase in Covid-19 cases in Kunene was also because people are entering the region illegally.

“We believe that most of these cases are imports. There are still people who are entering the region illegally, therefore we have put in place a task force at all our borders to make sure all Covid-19 travelling protocols are observed,” he said, adding that the force has deployed 62 police officers who are patrolling the region’s checkpoints.

The commissioner further stated that funerals are still a huge challenge. Some mourners contravene Covid-19 protocols, prompting the police to disperse crowds. The police also carry out Covid-19 educational programmes through the police public relations office.

‘Uncalled for’

Nderura also advised that while recognising the importance of traditional rituals and gatherings, families should make sure that they do so while adhering to Covid-19 protocols.

“Our people are still hanging onto the previous ways of organising funeral rituals which in these times of the deadly pandemic is wrong and uncalled for. Through our public relations office, we sent teams to rural areas to educate people on the new set protocols by making sure Covid-19 rules are adhered to,” he noted.