Operation Kalahari Desert claims first death

13 June 2019 | Crime

A taxi driver has been killed at a mobile road block set up by members of the police and army, part of Operation Kalahari Desert, in Greenwell Matongo informal settlement. According to Chief Inspector Kauna Shikwambi, a Toyota Passo, with taxi number L68 approached the road block at around 01:00 this morning. It is alleged the driver, who was alone in the car, made a sharp U-turn and fled from the road block causing a Namibian Defence Force soldier to fire at the vehicle with an AK47. The single bullet penetrated the back of the vehicle and hit the driver in the head, killing him instantly. He is yet to be identified.
The soldier, 38, is based at Luiperdsvallei outside Windhoek and is a member of A Squadron. he has been arrested and is set to be charged with murder and the negligent discharge of a firearm today.