Ongwediva roadblock officers arrested for extortion

31 January 2020 | Crime

Two police officers in the Oshana Region were arrested at Ongwediva last week for allegedly trying extort money from a motorist.

According to the regional police commander, Commissioner Rauha Amwele, the two officers at the Oshiko roadblock removed a licence disc from a vehicle and demanded N$2 000 from the driver in exchange for the disc.

The complainant reported the incident to the Ongwediva police station and undercover officers of the internal investigation department followed him to the agreed meeting point, where the two were arrested.

“These two officers belong to the same shift and according to their report the complainant did not violate any traffic law. Apparently they just stopped him and removed his license disc and they asked him N$2 000 to give it back. The complainant agreed and they planned to meet at Oshana Mall in Ongwediva,” Amwele said.

“Before going to Oshana Mall, the complainant stopped at the Ongwediva police station and reported the matter. Since we are working hard to root out corruption, the complainant was told to go ahead while some undercover police officers followed him. The two were then arrested in the act while accepting the money.”

Amwele applauded the complainant and urged members of the public to follow the same example if they find themselves in situation where members of the police ask them for money.

She said police officers have sworn to serve the public to the best of their ability, and may not turn their duty into a money-making enterprise.

“If you know you are wrong, just accept the prescribed fine for your wrongdoing and avoid being implicated in corrupt practices. If you are not satisfied, you can either talk to the unit commander or go to the nearest police station,” she said.

“After training, police officers swear to conduct themselves within the confines of the law. We are serious about corruption and we would like to root out all the elements of corruption within the force.”