One continent, two countries

Inspiring through practical experiences

09 July 2019 | Short News

Justicia Shipena

The trip aims to broaden the scope of travel and tourism and business students at the college.

The students will familiarise themselves with the many tourism and business opportunities that exist beyond the borders of Namibia. Their flight tickets were sponsored by Air Namibia.

Ingrid Kloppers-Mettler, founder and managing director of Lingua, said their tourism department is a vibrant unit that exposes students to local and international tours, fieldwork, career exhibitions and much more.

“Through this we ensure that theory meets practice,” she said.

Kloppers-Mettler thanked Air Namibia for coming on board and helping them again, as last year the college received the same assistance.

She urged the students to be open-minded and have a willingness to accept new cultures.

“If you keep your eyes and mind open, you will bring home something of lasting value, which cannot be bought by money,” she said.

Speaking at the sending off ceremony, Alwina Kavenamuwa Rijarua, a reservations and ticketing manager at Air Namibia, said as part of the airline’s socio-economic responsibilities, it saw the need to assist the youth to achieve affordable air travel to explore the world.

She added that Air Namibia would like to encourage parents and guardians to invest in student travel, as it is equally as vital as investing in formal education.

“There are three skills that one can gain from travel for personal use, for the rest of your life: Tolerance, self-sufficiency and resourcefulness,” Rijarua added.