Ondonga faction abandons Oluno offices

05 July 2019 | Local News

A faction that took over the Ondonga Traditional Authority offices at Oluno in April 2017 has now left, after an unsuccessful court challenge to stop the coronation of the new king Fillemon Shuumbwa Nangolo.

Nangolo was coronated last weekend. Namibian Sun was informed that last Friday, after Judge Thomas Masuku struck the matter from the roll, the Ondonga grouping led by Nepando Amupanda left the offices at Oluno and never returned.

The court application was lodged by Nangolo's uncle Konisa Eino Kalenga, who had also been vying for the throne.

The Amupanda grouping claimed they were the new Ondonga councillors appointed by the late Omukwaniilwa Immanuel Kauluma Elifas, who died in March.

The group included Jerry Kambala (Amuteya district), Paavo Amwele (Ondangwa B district), Erastus Mvula (Ondangwa A district), Nepando Amupanda (Ongula yaNetanga district), Ester Gwashamba Nepando (Uukwanambwa), Frans Shidhudhu and Reinhold Nepolo (Oniiwe district).

They also formed part of the grouping that supported Kalenga.

When contacted yesterday, Amupanda said those at the traditional authority's Onethindi offices must comment.

“I hope you were at Onambango for the new king's coronation and now you come to me asking about the Oluno offices. Why don't you go and ask those at Onethindi?” asked Amupanda, before hanging up.

Before the Amupanda group took over the Oluno offices, they organised a peaceful demonstration by Uukwanambwa community members and marched from Onamungudo to the Oniipa constituency offices, where they handed a petition to Oshikoto governor Henock Kankoshi, demanding the removal of senior Ondonga leaders.

Later that same year it was reported that the late King Elifas fired Vilho Kamanya (Amuteya district), John Walenga (Ondangwa district), Peter Kauluma (Ongula yaNetanga district), Joseph Asino (Oniiwe district) and Kashona kaMalulu, as well as Tonata Ngulu and Fillemon Nambili, for alleged gross misconduct. Kamanya, who is the acting traditional authority chairperson, said they do not understand Amupanda's actions.

“Where are the ones who put him in those offices and for what purpose he was there? Therefore, we cannot be held liable for him. He must just answer the questions without dragging in other people,” said Kamanya.

“All I can say is that was a public office for the Ondonga community and they will be held liable for whatever happened in that office during their time.”