Ondangwa council owed N$51 million

12 August 2019 | Local News

The Ondangwa town council plans to recover nearly N$51 million owed by residents for municipal services.

A total of 8 077 account holders in Ondangwa owe the town council N$50.77 million.

According to the council spokesperson Petrina Shitalangaho, the municipality will contract a debt collector to recover the money.

“The council tried to contact all account holders in arrears by writing letters to them, but they never came forward to settle their accounts.

We are now left with no other option but to take account holders in arrears to debt collectors. The council depends on this money for the supply of services to residents in town,” said Shitalangaho.

“The accounts that will be handed over to debt collectors are those of 1 699 holders who are in arrears for over 120 days, who owe the council a total of N$36 million.

“They will be followed by 1 765 account holders whose accounts are in arrears for close to 120 days, who owe the council over N$16.5 million.”

Shitalangaho said debtors could still approach the council to agree on a repayment plan and avoid being handed over to the debt collectors. She said the debtors include individual residents, businesses, ministries and other government institutions.

“Our funding from the urban and rural development ministry is not sufficient and we depend on the collection of rates and taxes to fund our capital projects.

“Therefore, we can continue providing quality services and developing the town only if residents pay their accounts on time,” she said.