On a culinary adventure with Godenfang

16 July 2020 | Art and Entertainment

Established last year, Godenfang Urban Farm and Kitchen is all about fresh ingredients, good food and great vibes.
Godenfang is a German word that means “good catch”. According to co-owner Lindi Dreyer, who along with Martine Behr are the team behind Godenfang, the restaurant boasts its own home garden. “When we came up with the plan to start Godenfang, it was accompanied by the idea to have our own home garden from where we could harvest fresh ingredients. We wanted to incorporate the farm aspect such as organic gardening, into the restaurant.” She said that they grow a variety of herbs, fruits and vegetables in their garden. “We recently also acquired 20 chickens, in so doing adding fresh eggs to our menu.”
Guests visiting the restaurant have the opportunity to walk through the garden, giving them a unique lunch or dinner experience. Dreyer said that they added flowers to their garden as well to help the local bee population. In addition, all of their organic waste either gets fed to the chickens or is added to the garden as compost. “We don’t use any pesticides.”
Godenfang is located near the Namport South Gate and is housed in one of Walvis Bay’s oldest houses, which was built in 1930. “We kept the original layout and structure of the house, doing minimal renovations since the house itself is a part of Walvis Bay’s rich history. This adds to the atmosphere.”
Furthermore, Godenfang is home to a custom-built wood-fired oven. “I’ve always been a fan of cooking food slowly. Initially, we started out with pizzas and later expanded our menu. With the wood-fired oven, we started experimenting with different meats, letting it cook overnight and a few brand new recipes were born from it.”
Recently, Godenfang and Anchors joined forces to provide locals with a taste of both worlds: The latter is known for their delicious meals (especially their calamari) served with a great view of the Walvis Bay Waterfront.
“It wasn’t a major challenge to combine the two, since for the past ten years we have owned Anchors as well. With the combination of the two, the idea was to offer our clients something different.”
She said that it’s been tough during the lockdown. “We opted to provide take-away meals to our clients, although this didn’t generate as much income as when we had sit-down clients. You can’t always expect to win the game, if you don’t play in it.”
Before lockdown, Godenfang was in the process of adding breakfast to their menu. “But, due to the lockdown, we had to change our plans a bit. Now that the restrictions pertaining to restaurants have been lifted, we will definitely revisit our plans.”
Check out all the latest offerings on their Facebook page @Godenfang – Urban Farm and Kitchen.