Ombaye Fishing boosts Dare to Care Fund

26 June 2019 | Agriculture

The Dare to Care drought fund for fodder subsidies has been given a N$100 000 boost thanks to a fishing company with an open heart.

Dr Ndahafa Nghifindaka, president of the Namibia Emerging Commercial Farmers Union (NECFU), thanked Ombaye Fishing for its contribution and expressed the hope that even more companies would follow suit to assist the country's drought-stricken farmers.

During a handover ceremony in Windhoek last week Nghifindaka and Danie van Vuuren of the Namibia Agricultural Union (NAU) pointed out that the subsidies of N$50 per bag are available to commercial as well as communal farmers at livestock and game feed suppliers such as Agra and KaapAgri Namibia.

Ombaye Fishing has a track record for generosity towards good causes. Its executive chairman, Libolly Haufiku, said they were happy to help, calling agriculture the backbone of the country. Managing director of the company, Lukas Uutoni added: “It's our country and together we have to fix it ourselves.”

Ombaye is an indigenous name for the port town of Walvis Bay from where the company operates.

A significant shortfall still exists to reach the Dare to Care target of N$10 million.

The two farmers unions' jointly administer the fund, which is independently audited to ensure transparency.