Omatando landowners to be compensated

30 January 2020 | Short News

The Ongwediva town council is ready to start the process of compensating landowners at Omatando, before it starts developing the massive township.

According to council spokesperson Jackson Muma, valuators from the land reform ministry have so far identified 34 traditional landowners who will be compensated.

Muma could not say how much compensation they will receive, but confirmed that the council is planning eight extensions at Omatando with a total of 2 287 plots.

The council and Omatando landowners have for years been at loggerheads, with landowners adamant that they will not permit any formalisation before fair compensation is paid.

In April 2019, ministry valuators were sent in to determine the value of traditional homesteads, mahangu fields and other properties at the township.

“A total number of 34 traditional homesteads and fields in the affected area were measured, while the valuation of 17 homesteads could not be finalised due to time constraints and the unavailability of owners. In order to finalise the valuation process, the Ongwediva town council wishes to inform the owners of the remaining unmeasured fields and homesteads at Omatando to get ready for the last phase of valuations that will commence from 3 February,” said Muma.

Owners of the valued homesteads are invited to visit the town council's offices to find out what compensation they would receive and to enter into negotiations, he said.

Over the years, the town council has accused the residents of Omatando 1, 2 and 3 of holding back development in their areas. Residents, on the other hand, have questioned how their villages became part of the Ongwediva townlands in 2003 without their consent.