Old rivalry to be reignited

• Schools rugby coming this Saturday

30 July 2020 | Sports

Limba Mupetami


A thrilling friendly match will take place this Saturday between Windhoek Technical School's (HTS) Warthogs and Windhoek High School's Kudu Bulls.

This will be one of the first school rugby matches since the nationwide coronavirus lockdown.

According to Hendrik Grove from WHS, the match has been organised as a parting gift to the grade 10 players, as it is their last year to play school rugby. He further said safety regulations adhered to, as stated by the Namibia Sports Commission.

Excitement all around

Head of sports at HTS Ronelle Bezuidenhout added that they are very excited to watch the rivalry unfold.

She shared Grove's sentiments about safety and said they will try their utmost best to ensure that everyone is safe and that the venue is contamination-free.

She further added that there will be a special medical room at the venue in case there is a rugby fan with an alarming temperature.

Only 250 people will be allowed into the venue.

The match will take place at HTS Rugby Field and will kick-off at 10:30, and will also be streamed live on the My Zone Facebook page.