Nyondo water woes soon a thing of the past

19 July 2021 | Local News

Kenya Kambowe


Villagers at Nyondo and the surrounding villages will soon no longer have to rely on contaminated water from the Kavango River following the construction of a water pipeline.

This is according to Ndonga Linena constituency councillor Michael Kampota, who on Friday told Namibian Sun that only thing left to be done is the testing of the pipeline, which will be done by NamWater in the coming weeks.

“The issue of water at Nyondo will soon be the story of the past. The pipeline is already there, all that is required is for NamWater to come and do the testing. Our people will no longer go to the river to fetch water for consumption as the problem is addressed,” Kampota said.

He said the pipeline will stretch from Nyangana to Mangandu village.

According to Kavango East governor Bonifatius Kudumo during his state of the region address on Friday, the pipeline was constructed to the tune of N$504 000.

Meanwhile, Kampota mentioned Nyondo’s water woes, which led to the construction of the pipeline, was a project his predecessor, Petrus Kavhura, was passionate about, adding that his efforts should be taken note of.

For the past three years, Namibian Sun has been reporting that the Nyondo community had no option but to drink water from the Kavango River or shallow wells in the floodplain.

This water is not clean and puts them at risk of waterborne diseases.

Shallow wells are particularly prone to bacterial contamination.

When Namibian Sun visited Nyondo village at the weekend, villagers said they await the operation of the pipeline.

For now, they will continue to drink from the river or walk the long distance to the nearest borehole.

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