NUNW extends begging bowl to affiliates

Owes City N$2 million

24 May 2021 | Labour



The National Union of Namibian Workers is asking for money from its affiliates to pay a deposit of 75% on an overdue City of Windhoek municipal account.

NUNW currently owes the City N$2 million for electricity supply to its Mungunda Street centre.

The centre houses the offices of NUNW affiliates as well as the labour research organisation LARRI.

“Following our discussion and resolution taken during the consultative meeting on 22 April 2021, it was resolved that NUNW extend [an] official letter to all affiliate unions regarding the NUNW’s outstanding municipal bill with the City,” NUNW secretary-general Job Muniaro wrote to affiliated unions.

The NUNW’s account had been handed over to a debt collector, Muniaro informed the affiliates.

When contacted for comment, Muniaro said the union had suffered financial losses brought on by a decline in membership caused by people losing jobs because of the Covid-19 pandemic.

The trade union federation’s water supply was also cut in April, Namibian Sun reported.

Muniaro attributed that to underground water leaks the NUNW had been unable to detect, and dispelled suggestions that the move by the City to cut its water was political.

“You have almost every month a water bill of N$90 000… We did an investigation with the City of Windhoek; they did not detect anything. We could not observe all the pipes,” Muniaro said.

Despite the water and electricity disconnection, the union was continuing its work, he said.

“We will live with it; we have other offices where we will operate from.”