Nujoma ready to serve

12 December 2019 | Cultural

Former president Sam Nujoma says he is available 24 hours a day to serve Ondonga king Fillemon Shuumbwa Nangolo, if needed.

Nujoma paid a courtesy visit to Nangolo on Tuesday during Human Rights Day at his palace at Onambango on the outskirts of Ondangwa.

“I came here to pay homage to the royal family and assure him (Nangolo) that I am a palace man and will be ready 24 hours a day to serve him, whenever he needs me. A nation without a king is like an army without a commander,” Nujoma said. His delegation consisted of business leader Tomas Iindji, Ongwediva Medipark managing director Dr Tshali Iithete, Indian businessman Kumar Vinod of Kuku Agri Equipment and local government officials.

Nujoma and Nangolo held a lengthy private meeting before they addressed the Ondonga community.

Nangolo expressed his profound gratitude. He said as a friend to the late king Immanuel Kauluma Elifas they will always rely on Nujoma's wisdom and advice. “We welcome you in our new palace, which is still under construction. You coming here is a true testimony that you are an elder and leader of note who went through thick and thin.

“This has reassured us that the late Elifas has left us in your good hands. As I can remember very well, the late Elifas introduced me to you at many occasions, therefore, we would like to continue with the good relationship that you had with Ondonga and the late king,” Nangolo said.

“Feel free to advise or guide me whenever I am going wrong or not leading as expected. I will always be available whenever you need me, just as it used to be with the late Elifas.” Nangolo also urged the Ondonga community to respect their elders and traditions, saying this is the cornerstone of the peace and stability enjoyed in the country.

“A nation without elders is just like a nation without culture and traditions. In most cases traditional leaders are respected elders from various communities and they are there to guide us in our localities.

“One can only prosper in life if you have respect for elders in society,” Nangolo added.