Nudo's Mundjindjiri to stand as independent candidate

Accused of issuing fake party cards

16 October 2020 | Politics



Pending possible suspension from the National Unity Democratic Organisation (Nudo) for allegedly issuing fake membership cards for votes, Ambrosius Mundjindjiri will be vying independently for the regional councillor position in the Okakarara district.

He was issued his acknowledgement certificate yesterday by the Electoral Commission of Namibia (ECN).

Fake cards

At a district conference held on 28 September, Mundjindjiri allegedly obtained the highest votes, which would deem him the official party candidate to stand for the regional and local authority elections slated for next month.

However, he was accused of having issued fake membership cards, which allegedly helped him score more votes.

This resulted in some of his votes being nullified and the party selecting another member to stand for that position.

'I am Nudo at heart'

After the district elections, the results were reportedly taken to Windhoek and only released a week later.

“The secretary-general did not even call to ask me if the allegations were true,” he said, adding that he only found out the following Tuesday that Abdal Ramana Mutjavikua would now be the party's candidate.

“I am Nudo at heart. That is why I don't want to run away,” Mundjindjiri said, describing his independent participation in the elections as a strategy “to assist Nudo from the other side”.

He said he is still a member of the party and is willing to fight to remain a member if he is suspended.

'I will appeal'

“They can suspend me, but I will appeal.”

He added that he has built his history in Nudo throughout the years and will remain a member of the party. He also has no intention of establishing a new party, he said.

Mundjindjiri has been a Nudo member since 2004, serving in leadership positions and currently as the Okakarara district coordinator.

His tenure as a local authority councillor is set to end next month, while he has also served as a member of the Nudo national congress since 2018

'Protecting my constituency'

According to him, giving a chance at leadership to someone else is not a problem, however, he is honouring requests from the community who urged him to run in the upcoming elections.

He said he has no problem with Nudo members, however, his leaders are blocking him from standing for the position as a party member and therefore he changed routes.

“I have to protect my constituency; I was born here. I will die and be buried here.”

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