Not so shabby

28 years of service at Cymot

02 August 2019 | People

Elizabeth Joseph

Eino Kadhila was born and raised in the northern parts of Namibia in a small village called Nnkwalundhi in 1965. He attended school there, until they later moved to Swakopmund.

Before pursuing his career at Cymot, Kadhila worked alongside his brother-in-law at a local shop in Mondesa as a delivery driver.

Kadhila is open-minded and very eager to do and help with everything. Since he started at Cymot, he has always loved his position, because he enjoys working with people, customers and his colleagues, whom he says he has a very sound relationship with.

The job

“I am responsible for all kinds of daily deliveries to clients, the collecting of the postbag, paying accounts and whatever duties are assigned to me.

“First thing in the morning, I take care of all the Castrol stock for our retail outlet at the branch and the rest of the day I make deliveries to our clients,” he said.

Kadhila says he is so proud of the fact that he has met so many people, from different walks of life during his time at Cymot.

“The people I have met, and the colleagues and friends I have made, makes me feel like my work has not been in vain; and also how the branch has developed over the years. I am still enjoying what I am doing today after 28 years of service,” he added.